There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your phone’s battery percentage drop below 20 per cent. And doesn’t that happen all the time? More than anything else, we are constantly seeking ‘charge’ these days. We are coming up with gadgets that use the latest charging technologies and help you power up your devices quickly and

Sapno Ki Diwali

Monday, 23 October 2017 by
As he clung on to the car, he suddenly asked, “Didi, iss ka colour kya hai?” “Yeh green colour ki hai, Dheeraj. Aapko pata hai, aapke T-shirt ke colour ke saath match kar raha hai!” “Achha jee?” he said as his face gleamed with joy. This was a Diwali that was brighter than the fairy
“HEEHAHAHAHAHHA,” Ravana would laugh aloud and have all of us in splits. Whether it was the Ram Leela organised by various colonies in their own small setup, or the ones performed on a larger-than-life stage – all of us have our countless childhood memories of watching or being a part of a Ram Leela rendition.

Good Over Evil

Thursday, 28 September 2017 by
10 ways we wish goodness will win over evil across all our digital screens this festive season.   Hello Wifi, Goodbye Bad Connectivity. Home is where the WiFi connects, but what happens when it doesn’t? Are you connected to the right address? Are you feeding in the right password? Maybe crosschecking these things will help.