We live in an age of rapid transformation!! New technologies and smart applications have become widespread.  The ability to create, distribute and effectively use technology has become a major source of competitive advantage. This has reshaped how businesses perceive technology and forced them to reimagine even the successful business models. ‘Artificial Intelligence is the science

The 4 Must Have Wedding Essentials

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 by
That special time of the year is back. The nip in the air, the sound of wedding bells, the smell of delectable dishes and a feeling of joy, festivity and enthusiasm. If you are gearing up for a wedding in the family, here is a list of wedding essentials that will ensure you some exciting

World TV Day

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 by
Changing trends in traditional TV viewing Don’t you think our conversations around the age-old ‘idiot box’ has dwindled with time? It’s not common anymore to hear from a mother, “Listen, pass me the remote!” or the father saying, “Oh God, can we please change the channel?” or even something like “My son has his board
Back in the day in 80s, when I was studying for my first ever attempt at writing Board examinations, the concept of tuition classes was all the rage amongst my batch mates. The idea of getting out of home, spending more time with our friends in the guise of studying was exciting to say the
There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your phone’s battery percentage drop below 20 per cent. And doesn’t that happen all the time? More than anything else, we are constantly seeking ‘charge’ these days. We are coming up with gadgets that use the latest charging technologies and help you power up your devices quickly and

Sapno Ki Diwali

Monday, 23 October 2017 by
As he clung on to the car, he suddenly asked, “Didi, iss ka colour kya hai?” “Yeh green colour ki hai, Dheeraj. Aapko pata hai, aapke T-shirt ke colour ke saath match kar raha hai!” “Achha jee?” he said as his face gleamed with joy. This was a Diwali that was brighter than the fairy
“HEEHAHAHAHAHHA,” Ravana would laugh aloud and have all of us in splits. Whether it was the Ram Leela organised by various colonies in their own small setup, or the ones performed on a larger-than-life stage – all of us have our countless childhood memories of watching or being a part of a Ram Leela rendition.

Good Over Evil

Thursday, 28 September 2017 by
10 ways we wish goodness will win over evil across all our digital screens this festive season. 1. Hello Wifi, Goodbye Bad Connectivity. Home is where the WiFi connects, but what happens when it doesn’t? Are you connected to the right address? Are you feeding in the right password? Maybe crosschecking these things will help.
Secure Connection Ltd. believes in nurturing the true essence of connections. Whether you are relaxing on your bed at home or road tripping with the family, we are always there with you. But have you ever noticed how some of our products represent different members of a classical Indian family? Read on to see if

Life without smart gadget

Monday, 25 September 2017 by
Can you imagine 24 hours without your smart gadget? Yes, without your phone for an entire day. Sounds ridiculous before even trying right? So what would it really be like without that smart device of yours? You would always have to roll down your windows and shout at a random pedestrian asking him the way,

#ElectronicEssentials That Matter

Monday, 11 September 2017 by
Technology has transformed our lives in every manner possible. Today we can be much productive – GET MORE DONE, that we ever could with the help of Technology. We can stay connected with from anywhere and at any time, no matter how far our friends or family may be. – STAY IN TOUCH. We can