The 4 Must Have Wedding Essentials

Wednesday, 29 November 2017 by
That special time of the year is back. The nip in the air, the sound of wedding bells, the smell of delectable dishes and a feeling of joy, festivity and enthusiasm. If you are gearing up for a wedding in the family, here is a list of wedding essentials that will ensure you some exciting

World TV Day

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 by
Changing trends in traditional TV viewing Don’t you think our conversations around the age-old ‘idiot box’ has dwindled with time? It’s not common anymore to hear from a mother, “Listen, pass me the remote!” or the father saying, “Oh God, can we please change the channel?” or even something like “My son has his board
Back in the day in 80s, when I was studying for my first ever attempt at writing Board examinations, the concept of tuition classes was all the rage amongst my batch mates. The idea of getting out of home, spending more time with our friends in the guise of studying was exciting to say the
There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your phone’s battery percentage drop below 20 per cent. And doesn’t that happen all the time? More than anything else, we are constantly seeking ‘charge’ these days. We are coming up with gadgets that use the latest charging technologies and help you power up your devices quickly and