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Benefits Of Office Air Purifier

Offices are enclosed indoor spaces and in general have a lot of human activity. Multiple indoor air quality issues are linked to improperly operated and maintained HVAC systems, overcrowding, radon, moisture incursion and dampness. Presence of outside air pollutants, and the presence of internally generated contaminants such as use of cleaning and disinfecting supplies and aerosol products, off-gassing from materials in the building, and use of mechanical equipment also causes office air pollution.

All these combined, can have an adverse effect on the health of office goers over a period of time. Installing an office air purifier can be a good choice. Our office air purifiers with a high clean air delivery rate offer comprehensive protection from indoor air pollution

FAQS For Office Air Purifier

PM 2.5 is a microscopic matter with a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometer. Presence of these particles in large numbers is a serious concern for people's health. These particles are so tiny that they can directly invade into the lungs and may cause cancer as well.

Since on an average we spend 80% of our time indoors, an air purifier is not a seasonal product. It can be used all year round to breathe air that is free from harmful pollutants.

An air purifier operates between 23-50 dB noise level, which is less than the sound of an air conditioner even at the highest speed.

Design plays an important role in the overall functioning of the device. Check if the unit has an anti-fall design that protects it from getting damaged against an accidental push. Also, the design is such that it has a 3-dimensional air intake and the filters are not exposed from any side.